As a parent, you make daily sacrifices to ensure your child has every chance to thrive and succeed. You’re their guide and support as they grow. Then, suddenly, your child is leaving home for college or career, and making life decisions alone. Maybe they’re talking about a mission trip with Epic, joining staff, or becoming a pastor.

What is your role in their life now? How do you show your love and encourage them to make wise choices without driving them away?

In the Parent Track, you’ll find community and connection with other Asian American parents who are wrestling with similar fears and questions. Together, you’ll engage with Biblical wisdom for parents and gain insight to navigate this stage of life. You’ll also have a chance to learn more about Epic and meet leaders of the ministry.

  • Establish a healthy relationship with your adult child and become a trusted advisor to help them thrive.
  • Help your adult child build on everything you’ve invested in them.
  • Explore how Epic Movement is engaging students to live out their calling for Jesus and what that means for you as a parent.

Your Track leaders:

Gordon and Julie Ott are Asian American parents who have invested 20 years working with students at the universities of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon. They help students integrate into the church for a lifetime as missionaries, professionals, and pastors.

They can help you grow in your relationship with your children, as you become a source of wisdom for them.